Here’s our (growing) list of collaborators from around the world –

Yusuf Abushamaa

Yusuf is an Egyptian architect and urban designer who graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MA in Architectural Design in 2017. His research discusses the dilemma between formality and informality, testing how social participation and ground practices could enable a community-based understanding of cities. He takes a keen interest in understanding how research and practice could together form a sustained platform for future architecture. To further his interests, he has participated in conferences like the “In/ Out: Designing Urban Inclusion” conference in Brussels, Belgium and the PhD conference, in Sheffield, UK. He has also worked with the DAR Group on projects in the Middle East & Africa.

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Stany Babu

Stany holds an MA in Architectural Design from the University of Sheffield and a B. Arch from SRM University, Chennai. She has experience working in various cities within India along with experiences in Bahrain and the UK. Currently she is working as a lecturer at the University of Bahrain while also collaborating with Mawane on public space projects in Bahrain. Her current research interests include politics of urban spaces in India, memory, identity and politics of architecture during conflicts and socialist modernism heritage with particular focus on Yugoslavia. She has presented a research paper in international conference on Urban Conservation 2018 held in Kolkata. 

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Kasthuri Priya

A holistic designer, Kasthuri Priya strives for seamless transitions between landscape, architecture and interiors, creating soulful and symbiotic spaces that are mutually inclusive of each other. She graduated from the Sheffield School of Architecture in 2017 with a specialisation in Digital Architecture where her research focus was on the utilisation of technology in humanising the design, making it more inclusive and participatory. A GRIHA certified professional, practicing architect and interior designer, she is passionate about sustainable building practices, materials and technology.

Rohit Rao Vantaram

Rohit is an architect from Chennai who currently works within the realm of Adaptive Reuse in San Francisco’s Historic Conservation District. Graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 with an MA in Interior Architecture, Rohit is passionate about the reuse of buildings and his position as a designer that can enable this (adaptive) reuse of structures in our existing built environment.

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